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Wave 1 - Com Truise


Italy sketchbook from years ago: my good friend Martha drawn in Venice and a detail from a Renaissance painting in the Accademia Museum. Gregory Muenzen

Rosanna Jones

One good Venus
The Birth of Venus (1863), Alexandre Cabanel / Bound2, Kanye West

Photography by mbeachy
Anonymous asked Wow you don't deserve anons like that! What an awful thing to say. I hope it doesn't get to you because you are good :*

Thank you sweetness!

I think harsh words get under anyone’s skin but I’m trying not to let it get me down.

Whoever is saying it is obviously really pathetic and has no life.

Anonymous asked then why arent you skinny?

Bulimia doesn’t make you skinny dumbass. You sound fucking dumb as hell.

Also I’m a size 6 so??????
I may not be a twig but it’s not like I’m that large??? I don’t mean this as a large girls aren’t pretty either. All girls are magic beautiful creatures and I love them.

If this is Madi get the fuck out of here.

I’ll do a quick sketch of you


with another random blogger who I think matches your personality/looks

and then you can meet them and message them and it will be cute

just reblog this & follow me okay?

Anonymous asked that anon is a piece of shit, you're gorgeous.

Thank you kind anon :)

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Anonymous asked You look terrible.

Nah I look really cute. 

You probably are terrible.  People who say this kinda shit are usually jealous and awful.