dance yrself clean

Hello new followers! Thank you for thinking I’m cute! Means a whole lot & I think you’re cute! I hope I don’t let you down I love you all.

I used to hate my curly hair so much & then I went to art school and now I love my curly hair. It’s fun. Boys like touching it & playing with it. I twist pencils into it and they stay!! I can keep supplies in my hair.

Anonymous asked Hey, may I reblog your selfie? You're absolutely gorgeous holy wow I'm sort of speechless.

Yeah you can reblog my selfies. Thank you so much you’re so nice!!!

It’s a rare occasion when I wear my hair down


You & Me (Flume Remix) Disclosure ft. Eliza Doolittle


Henrik Sorensen

cdg fall 2007, favorite ad ever

conjunctivitis (pink eye)


Inside Out - Spoon 


Devendra Banhart by Ana Kras

O’hare International Airport, Chicago, IL